Artificial Intelligence for Automotive

Driving efficiency through innovative applications within the automotive world.


Ebbon Group has acquired the perpetual, world-wide rights for the automotive sector in a technology suite provided by Oxford University spin off company Zegami Ltd. Ebbon Intelligence have a mission to adapt the Zegami imaging and A.I. platform for efficiency increasing and experience enhancing applications within the automotive sector. This includes integrating the medical grade Zegami platform technology with existing Ebbon Group products and ultimately innovating new products to further benefit our industry.

How the Innovation process works


Generate and
validate ideas

Pursue ideas with
greatest potential



Build products with the greatest
value to the fleet community


The first of many applications under development is a powerful extension to Ebbon Group’s moDel solution. Capabilities being worked on include:

  • Accurate auto damage detection for pre-assessment and pick up/collection
  • Damage delta detection – for instance quickly identifying changes in condition    between vehicle rentals or movements
  • Efficient back office damage evaluation with mass image handling – for instance for vehicle returns departments


Zegami was born out of a collaboration led by Oxford University scientists to analyse and understand large datasets from experiments generating thousands of images of cancer cells and data from the human genome. The company was spun out as an image-based data visualisation platform and grew with backing from Oxford Sciences Innovation (amongst others). The new venture with Ebbon Intelligence perfectly builds on the scientific and medical imaging applications and expertise that has been built up over the last five years.

Get in touch

The Ebbon Intelligence team are actively interested in talking with customers and prospects to identify problems that our AI technology and expertise may help to solve within our industry.

If there is a clear problem and a sensible market for it to become a product, then we would like to explore it with you.