Connecting the global
automotive community.

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Vehicle lease management

The network of choice for vehicle fleet procurement, Leaselink effectively manages the supply and delivery of fleet vehicles every day.

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Enhanced vehicle delivery

The easiest way to manage the movement and progress of vehicle deliveries across the automotive community, with digital invoices and audits.

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Vehicle stock marketplace

A digital platform providing a marketplace for leasing companies, dealers, brokers and manufacturers to buy and sell stock vehicles.

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Driver and vehicle risk management platform

A digital platform and mobile app which automates essential driver and vehicle checks to help minimise occupational road risk.

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Fully managed driver and vehicle compliance

A managed service to check and validate employees’ driving licence credentials and grey fleet vehicles.

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Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Innovation is at the core of everything we do, that is why we have teamed up with the scientists at
Zegami to bring medical grade A.I. technology to our sector.

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United in our vision

Ebbon Group is a digital platforms company with a relentless mission to solve the problems faced by the global fleet community – driving together towards an efficient, sustainable and safer future. Over a million vehicles per year will be ordered, moved or risk managed through an Ebbon Group platform….

With an established portfolio of digital platforms that primarily serve the automotive community, Ebbon Group has a strong presence in the UK and European markets.


digital vehicle movement forms every year

€3 billion

vehicle purchases through our platforms every year

> 1 million

licences are checked through our group’s compliance platforms every year

Latest DVLA figures confirm Licence Check as number one Licence Check have been officially confirmed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) figures as the country’s leading provider of licence checking services after taking the number one spot for the first time. Between April 2021 and March this year, Licence Check recorded a total […]

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Babcock International is able to tackle the huge task of licence checking over 9,000 drivers, including a 1,000 strong grey fleet, thanks to the services provided by Glasgow-based DriverCheck. The Babcock UK fleet comprises 1,100 company vehicles, 50:50 cars and commercials, leased from Lex Autolease, plus a further 1,000 grey fleet cars, a burgeoning pool […]

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Specialist transport provider, The HATS Group, which provides over two million passenger movements a year, has selected the award-winning DAVIS solution from Licence Check to meet all its driver compliance requirements as the business grows because of the Covid pandemic. The HATS Group is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading transport services providers for […]

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